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Focus on special heat sealing tape for various industries

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Focus on special heat sealing tape for various industries

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Jiangmen M.F.B.S. Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong funded enterprise established in Jiangmen City, China in June 2002. Our company specializes in R&D, production and sales of heat sealing tape, hot-melt adhesive film, decorative film and seamless fitting materials for medical protective clothing, outdoor sports clothing, footwear, leisure clothing, yoga clothing, luggage and other industries.

Heat sealing tape: medical protective clothing heat sealing tape series/three-layer cloth tape series/reflective tape series/printed TPU tape series/composite TPU tape series/TPU tape series.

Hot melt adhesive film: TPU series hot melt adhesive film (belongs to double-sided adhesive type, special for cloth fitting, trademark, badge fitting, etc.

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